The property underlying canal easements are owned by the adjacent property owner with an easement granted to the District.

The District does not allow the property owner to obstruct the easement.  The reason for this requirement is to allow District personnel “unobstructed”  access to conduct weed control spraying, mowing and other canal  maintenance activities.  Locked gates, fences, disabled vehicles, etc impede  the District’s activities and therefore, raise the cost of providing maintenance.

Some people believe that these canal easements are “public property”, “THEY ARE NOT.”

The only people allowed to utilize canal easements are the underlying individual lot owner, District staff and emergency vehicles.  All others are illegally TRESPASSING.

The Board has consistently required unobstructed access along all easements, but understanding the concerns of residents with regard to trespassers they have encouraged property owners to obtain gate permits and  post “NO TRESPASSING” signs on the gate(s) so that law enforcement officers  can take appropriate action to minimize unlawful access.

To contact the Sheriff’s office to report any incidents, call (561)688-5447 (non emergency numbers)

If you, the property owner, wish to install a fence along the canal easement you may request a permit to do so as outlined in the Pine Tree Water Control District Policy Regarding Fences and Walls.