Rustic RanchesPine Tree Water Control District Enabling Legislation -pdfPine Tree Water Control District (PTWCD) was created by a circuit judge decree dated May 17, 1971.  PTWCD was then incorporated in 1974 pursuant to Chapter 298, Florida Statutes.  PTWCD is an independent special district with the power to levy special assessments in order to execute its duties and related activities.  PTWCD was created for the purpose of reclaiming the lands within its boundaries for water control and water supply purposes, and to protect the land from the effects of water by means of the construction and maintenance of a surface water management system.  PTWCD’s boundaries include approximately 4,022 taxable acres within Palm Beach County.   Flying Cow Road serves as a boundary along the eastern portion of the District; a portion of the northern boundary of PTWCD is Southern Blvd; and PTWCD lies directly east of the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.   PTWCD is governed by the Board of Supervisors which is composed of three members elected by the landowners of PTWCD on a one acre one vote basis.